About Us

Here at Denali Bay, we appreciate the power of reading and the unmistakable sound of music on vinyl records. Founded by a professional Reading Specialist and a music aficionado, we are passionate about sharing these rare gems with our customers. Like you, we are in awe when we hold a 150-year-old piece of history in our hands and read from its text. Or when we hear the sound of an original recording from music greats such as the Beatles,  Joan Baez, or the original soundtrack from the musical Oklahoma.

Denali Bay was started with one idea - deliver rare and vintage books and records to our customers at fair market prices. At Denali Bay, we always display original product photos so what you see, is what you get. We strive to accurately describe the condition of our products in every description, and our pricing practices are based on well-researched market values.

Please feel free to send us your feedback. We are committed to improving our site, selection, and delivery, according to our customers needs.

Thank you for choosing Denali Bay.